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Based on 9 reviews
Elizabeth Idzi
Elizabeth Idzi
November 7, 2023
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UNDER BUDGET!! Yes, the work came in under budget. I'll talk about that a bit later....What Kittleson never knew is that we only bid out the job to Kittleson and another landscaping company. The other company never got back to us and we really wanted to get the retaining walls put in because out house was finished the year before. I should also mention that we researched if we could do retaining walls on our own but all of our research led us to the same conclusion that we really need a professional. Thus, I was happy the retaining walls were getting put in, but I had no expectations for Kittleson. Recently we had some awful experiences with contractors so I prepared myself for a subpar job that would come in over budget so I would neither be shocked or disappointed. Boy was I wrong!!! My impression changed once the guys started working on yard. The gentleman working on the retaining walls had been working for them for years. He is a local guy and he lives in Barneveld too. He also explained that his brother worked for Kittleson. It really means something to me when local companies use local talent. He said he was treated well by Kittleson. That meant something to me too. I have no idea how he stacked rocks so quickly with one piece of construction equipment but he did it. It looked great. In addition to the retaining walls, the yard had to be prepped for grass seed. There were more guys who worked on it. One of them was the owner's son. That kid wasn't getting any special treatment. He was working just as hard as the rest of the team. It was such a hot day. It was probably over 90. I was nervous that they were working when it was so hot. They were able to wrap it up early that day which made me SO happy but I was impressed with their work ethic. Kittelson worked around some shrubs that I had planted. Some of the shrubs were in the way and they offered to move them for me. I expected line items charges for the shrubs that they replanted. I was not charged by them. I was shocked. We also opted for them to put grass seed on our lawn. I was a bit concerned about the grass seed. We were in drought this past summer and grass seed requires a tremendous amount of watering. We often had three sprinklers going at the same time. We had to keep moving the sprinklers around to keep the grass moist. I probably was able to do about 90% of what they specified for watering. Sometimes I just ran out of time to get every part of the lawn watered. I mean that the sun had set and I could not work at night. I really was concerned that I wasn't doing a good enough job and the grass would die especially with the drought. It didn't die. It grew!! Kittelson did something else that impressed me. I had purchased three spireas. They looked completely dead. I have no idea why I still continued to water them. However, Kittelson thought that they would come back to life if I watered them. Well, I took their advice and they were right. By the end of the summer there were flowers blooming and they looked normal. Now going back to the budget issue. When working with previous contractors everything came in over budget. We felt taken advantage of on numerous occasions by previous contractors. I was just waiting for the surprise "charges" from Kittleson. That never happened. The told us that the work they performed did not take as long as they anticipated so they did not charge us. I am beyond grateful for the work they performed.
April 12, 2022
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Thank you another job well done!
Adrienne Stauffacher
Adrienne Stauffacher
October 4, 2021
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Came in under estimate on a rock retaining wall project. It looks amazing and we are so happy with the wall. The crew that built the wall were great. You can tell they took care picking which rocks would look best, adjusting things as they went. Overall very impressed with the company and the work they did on our home.
Liz Jones
Liz Jones
July 9, 2021
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Amazing, awesome people. Fantastic work, professional, trustworthy, friendly, can't say enough great things about them. I would 100% recommend!
sarah woodworth
sarah woodworth
September 16, 2020
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I highly recommend Kittleson Landscape, Kirk was great to work with and always returned my calls in a timely manner. The landscaping that I had done looked amazing and was finished in only two days. My property was immaculate when they were done and even took the time to straighten out my gravel driveway! I'm very pleased with Kittleson, great work you guys!
Angie Cotey
Angie Cotey
June 19, 2020
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I could not be happier with my landscaping project. Craig and his crew did an amazing job on my patio, shoreline and yard landscaping. They are experts when it comes to any type of project but especially lake homes. They thought of things that I would not have to make my home protected from flooding and beautiful. They were quick, on time, professional and flexible when we needed to make some changes. This was my second project with them and both have exceeded my expectation. I highly recommend them for landscaping projects large and small.

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Top Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Kittleson Landscape is a full service landscaping company serving Madison Wisconsin and Dane county. We do stone landscaping, patios, retaining walls, brick patios, garden waterfalls, rain gardens and other landscaping in Madison. We work with a landscape architect to build custom designs for our clients.

We also do additional work in grading of soil, installation of lighting and water features. For more detailed information about our services, please browse our other pages.

Landscaping is the first step to preventing water from entering the basement. Proper grading to create a slope away from the house is critical, and can solve the majority of basement of water problems. Drain tile may be required in some extreme cases. However, drain tile won’t stop water from flowing toward the foundation. Eliminating the flow of water through grading is the first step. A landscape retaining wall may also be part of such a project.

Protect the shoreline. By adding a landscape retaining wall, the earth will be protected from direct impact of water and waves. Once a landscape retaining wall is installed, any water that does hit will run through the rocks and back down.

We often add plants to many of our lakeshore landscape projects. This softens the look of the rock and cleans the water before it returns to the lake. There are a variety of plant options available to customize the look of your rock while helping the environment.

Shrubs will grow throughout their lifetime and do require some trimming to keep them in shape. By selecting shrubs that will fit properly within a landscaped area at their full growth size, homeowner and businesses can avoid extreme overgrowth. We regularly recommend shrubs that will be attractive at full growth so our clients won’t have to worry about extreme overgrowth.

The first step to hiring a landscape contractor is through referrals from friends. There are many landscapers in Madison to choose from. They will share with you what it was like to work with their chosen contractor, and you can see the result of the contractor’s work. It is also helpful to choose a company that works with a landscape architect to provide custom designs that not only are stable and secure but also care for the natural environment.

When a company is working on the property of your home or business, it is essential to know they are licensed and insured. Not only do you trust them with the safety of your home or business, you can be held liable for any injury incurred by the company if they are not properly insured. Ask your potential subcontractor for proof of insurance and licensing information, as well as for references before they being work on your landscaping project.

The cost of a landscape project can vary widely based on the scope of the project, condition of the site, and many other factors. Different landscapers in Madison and landscape architects in Madison can vary in price. Projects can range from $2,000 to $15,000 and greater. We are happy to meet with you at your project site to discuss your visions and answer any questions about your custom landscaping project.

The most cost effective way to do a landscaping project is to do it all at one time. This eliminates the cost of multiple trips to a job site, which increases the cost of a project. Although it is more cost effective to do an entire project at one time, it can be cost prohibitive for some clients. Our team can evaluate your entire project and recommend the best way to work through your project in phases.

Our landscape builders have vast experience in water conservation and runoff reduction. Proper grading of property helps to reduce water runoff.

The addition of a rain garden to a landscape also helps with water conservation. A rain garden is a natural or dug shallow depression designed to capture and soak up storm water runoff from your roof or other impervious areas around your home, such as driveways and walkways. A rain garden allows the runoff generated on your property to infiltrate into the ground and helps to reduce potential water quality problems. While your individual rain garden may seem like a small contribution, collectively, rain gardens can produce water quality benefits.

In addition to using landscape water features for water conservation, rainwater harvesting water storage is becoming a popular option for homeowners. Rainwater harvesting is a method of capturing rainwater for storage in underground tanks to be available for later use for watering plants, in ponds or for other outdoor water use. Visit our water conservation page for more detailed information about these features.

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