Professional landscape design can change the look of any lawn and garden, giving your home or business a dramatically different look. Professional landscaping is more than gardening. It is about choosing the best plantings to highlight your home or business, and designing it so it stays beautiful for years to come. Our experience and equipment allows us to handle any size project in and around the Madison area, including the largest commercial landscaping project. To learn more about how professional landscaping will change your property, choose one of the links to the left.
Plantings are the most common landscape elements, and key to adding color, vibrancy and softness to the exterior of a home or business. Plantings can include custom gardens, trees, accent plants, shrubs, ground cover or building a natural screen to add privacy to your yard. Landscape plantings should complement the architecture of a structure as well as incorporate the ideas of the owner. Gardens and plant selections have a wide variety of forms and functions. All trees and shrubs come with a one-year guarantee (it is necessary for owners to water any new trees, shrubs and plants as necessary). We can install irrigation, either temporary or permanent, to help your planting beds survive that critical first year. Although different plantings require different levels of maintenance, there is no such thing as a “no maintenance” garden. As the plantings grow, each requires some level of care, although some plants require less maintenance than others. Our landscape architects design a landscape plan that is best suited for your lifestyle and desired level of maintenance.
A beautiful lawn must surround a beautiful landscape project. As the largest area around your home, the health and beauty of your lawn has an incredible impact on the beauty of your home. The key to a beautiful lawn is professional grading. At Kittleson Landscape, our landscapers carefully assess the grade of your yard, ensuring water flows away from the foundation and that your property has proper drainage. We have the equipment and the experience to deliver a properly graded yard to not only ensure the beauty of your yard, but also reduce the chance of water in a home’s basement. Our landscapers spend extra time and care to ensure lawns are scarified and hand raked to remove large debris and fill in depressions. A proper ratio of granular fertilizer is always applied to both seeded and sod lawns. If your property requires lawn restoration, please contact us to discuss your options.
Landscape lighting adds a unique dimension to your new or existing landscape. Lighting accents the beauty of a home or business while adding security, safety and highlights to their property. Kittleson Landscape installs low voltage lighting that either turns on automatically, or through remote control, when you wish to have the lights on. We also offer an annual maintenance program to replace bulbs and clean your landscape lights. Kittleson landscapers install LED landscape lights. Although not new to the lighting industry, LED lighting is a newer technique in landscape lighting. LED lights can now be as warm and have color as soft as conventional bulbs, making the beauty of your home or facility truly stand out. LEDs use approximately one-tenth the energy of standard bulbs, resulting in lower electric bills.

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