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Stone Landscaping provides a solid base to any home landscape design or commercial landscaping project.   Landscaping with rocks or adding a patio or seating wall to a landscape are just a few ways to impact the look of your lawn and garden. Stone Landscaping includes landscaping with rocks, patios, retaining walls, walkways and water features. Water features include ponds, waterfalls, water diversion and underground water storage. Adding a stone landscaping to your project can extend a current living space into the outdoors, help with traffic flow around your home or business, or create a new “room” for your home including a kitchen and fireplace for outdoor entertaining. With years of expertise in stone landscaping, you can see our work throughout the greater Madison, Wisconsin area. To learn more about how stone landscaping can change the look of your garden or landscaping design, choose one of the links to the left.
Professional landscape design can change the look of any lawn and garden, giving your home or business a dramatically different look. Professional landscaping is more than gardening. It is about choosing the best plantings to highlight your home or business, and designing it so it stays beautiful for years to come. Our experience and equipment allows us to handle any size project in and around the Madison area, including the largest commercial landscaping project. To learn more about how professional landscaping will change your property, view more info or our portfolio.
Lakeshore Landscapes, a division of Kittleson Landscape, specializes in lakefront stabilization, and providing the proper solution to those special problems a lakefront lot encounters. We know how to work with the DNR rules and regulations that make waterfront development a challenge, and we are able to create unique solutions to address those challenges. Lakeshore Landscapes does all the landscape work required to complete or improve your home. We install retaining walls, patios, accent lighting and planting beds, and can improve access to the water. Let us put a “one of a kind” stamp on your property. Whether you live on one of Madison’s lakes, Lake Wisconsin, or any of the other lakes or rivers in Dane, Sauk or Iowa counties, contact us for help with your waterfront landscaping needs. Contact us to set up a free consultation with our experienced estimators.  
Water conservation consists of actions designed to reduce the demand for water, improve the efficiency of its use, and reduce water waste. The purpose of conservation is to protect water resources and to benefit from its use.  Conserved outdoor water (i.e. rain water) can easily be used for other purposes, rather than using “new” water from our municipal system. This rainwater, when reused, not only helps protect this precious natural resource, it also is healthier for our plants and other vegetation than municipal water sources. Why is water conservation important? Water is not a limitless resource. Less than three percent of the water on the planet is fresh. Of that three percent, much is unreachable in glaciers, ice caps or located deep in the earth. As we use water inside and outside our homes, we deplete the natural water table in the earth.  This depletes our wetlands and affects the natural living spaces for our wildlife. The impact of wasteful water use is widespread, and having a strong effect on the world around us. As specialists in DNR rules and regulations, we take our job as environmental advocates very seriously, including water conservation. Please read further to learn of the water conservation methods available for use in landscaping, their impact on your wallet and our environment.  

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