I just wanted to say thank you! What a great group of guys you have on your team. First of all, Justin was above and beyond awesome! He was so great at thinking things through given our circumstances, involved me when it came to deciding some things that have options and was a genuinely nice person to work with! I would have him lead any of our projects on site again! His compassion for my daughter and our situation was so reassuring as I watched that carry through his work.

Terry and Jay were very nice and good workers. Chad and Trent were super! Chad and Trent listened to our needs out front and Chad was so kind to my kids who were watching them out the window and truly cared about our situation. He also provided some good ideas we may consider if I talk to you involving some boulders and ornamental grasses to complete the zen-like space we were hoping for in front.

Ultimately this is one of the most smooth and seamless jobs we’ve done. Honestly we’ve worked with so many contractors and owned and either built or done work for on 6 houses in 10 years. I know your leadership and the way you begin the job with hands-on instruction contributes immensely to the success of the crew. Thank you.

As you know, this was more than just visual landscaping for us. Your interest in helping us find a solution for the health of my daughter and our family is so appreciated. I can see why [previous customer] recommended you.

Bobbi, Verona WI